Look to Bright Horizons® preschool for care and education in a welcoming environment designed
for exploration. We offer Discovery Driven Learning™, industry-leading health & safety policies, and a
ready-for-school curriculum that inspires learning and prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.

Individualized Care to Help Your Child Thrive

Program highlights include:

  • Independent, teacher-directed, and small group activities that
    encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery
  • Learning approaches that adapt to each child and incorporate their
    strengths and interests
  • Curriculum that supports creative expression, literacy, music, and more
  • Confidence-building opportunities to solve problems and make
  • STEM learning that encourages future-forward skills
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all
    state, local, and national guidelines

Experiences That Inspire a Love for Learning

Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum includes nine Signature Practices:

  • Maximizing Prime Times: Building relationships through one-on-one
    moments and conversations
  • Integrated Language Experiences Throughout the Day: Rich
    conversations, storytelling, and reading and writing
  • Morning Connection and Afternoon Reflection: Daily class gatherings
    to plan, discuss, solve problems, and build relationships
  • Classroom Routines: Consistent, predictable routines encourage
    independence and create feelings of safety and security
  • Scientific Method: Building and problem solving using STEM
  • Using Thinking Routines: Discussion techniques that support children’s
    critical thinking
  • Mirrors and Windows: Helping children understand their own identities
    and culture, and that of others
  • Math Prompts Throughout the Day: Joyful, hands-on experiences with
    math topics
  • Exploring Project Challenges: In-depth projects offer extended learning

School Readiness