Early Discoveries’ state-of-the-art facilities offers the following amenities:

  • Generous Classroom Space – Over 100 square feet per child of interior space exceeding NAEYC and state licensing standards.
  • Spacious Common Areas and Movement Matters Zones – Used for large motor activities and parent-child events. Plus, a Children’s Library, Science Lab, aquarium, climbing wall, and more!
  • Age-Specific Outdoor Playgrounds – Designed for each age group with safety surfaces, gardening plots, composting, shade structures, climbers, paths, and sand play.
  • Security – On-Site Security Liaison and an ID Badge Security System plus Scheduled Emergency Preparedness Practices.
  • Mother’s Nursing Rooms – Comfortable, cozy nursing rooms filled with supportive resources.
  • On-Site Food Service – Child-friendly, nutrition-focused meals and snacks prepared in an on-site, full-service licensed kitchen.

World at Their Fingertips Curriculum at Early Discoveries

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Our School Readiness at Bright Horizons surveyed parents and teachers of graduates, including Early Discoveries, to assess academic School Readiness at Bright Horizons preparedness.

Additional Curriculum Information

What Teachers Say About Our Graduates

Academically you have done a nice job preparing my student. He has beautiful handwriting.

She is a wonderful addition to our classroom. Her knowledge, participation, skills and abilities are easily recognized. Thank you for preparing her for school!

He was well prepared for school. He is an exceptional student.

She was well prepared to start at Adler Park School. Her handwriting is beautiful! Good work!!

He came into class with many of the skills needed in order to be a successful student.

She came to school very well prepared. She’s a hard worker and she’s very motivated.

This student loves to learn new things. He speaks highly of this Program.

She is doing a great job in class! She is confident and demonstrates leadership in her everyday interactions.