Bright Horizons® infant program supports both you and your baby with care you can trust,
expert-informed health and safety policies, and individualized Discovery Driven Learning™
that inspires your baby to explore.

Individualized Care for Your Baby’s Big Milestones

Program highlights include:

  • An assigned primary caregiver for one-to-one moments of caring,
    play, and communication
  • Personalized care plans to support daily schedules, nutritional
    guidelines, and other unique needs
  • Sensory-rich spaces and soft places to explore, roll over, pull
    up, and crawl
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all
    state, local, and national guidelines

Learning that Inspires from Day One

Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum includes six Signature Practices
to stimulate early learning:

  • Maximizing Prime Times: Daily one-on-one interactions to build
    nurturing relationships
  • Reading Daily: Age-appropriate books to support listening, vocabulary,
    and a love of reading
  • Daily Exposure to the Arts: Visual arts, music, movement, and drama
    allow for sensory exploration
  • Using Sign Language: Basic signs such as “more” and “please” to
    communicate needs and build language development
  • Using Treasure Baskets: Natural and everyday objects to encourage
    exploration and curiosity
  • Daily Outdoor Discovery: Time outside to explore nature and inspire
    motor and sensory development in a new environment