Enrichment Programs

At Bright Horizons, virtual enrichments provide interactive, on-demand activities that offer additional learning experiences without compromising classroom safety. Much like popular children's television shows, they're designed to engage children with thought-provoking questions, interesting activities, and so much more. Many of our virtual enrichment specialists are teachers; all are handpicked from around the country for their exceptional work with children and expertise in their subject areas.

Art Studio:

 Activities that showcase a variety of art mediums, artists, and artistic styles and go beyond everyday art experiences


A creative show that ties in all World at Their Fingertips curriculum elements

Movement Matters:

Activities designed to get kids moving, including yoga, balance, and music


A hands-on introduction -- for preschool and above -- to different instruments and sounds, as well as math concepts like patterns and beats


An introduction to the Spanish language, with guided learning through Spanish immersion, games, puppets, and more


In depth, hands-on investigation into the integrated concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Click HERE for more information

Virtual Field Trips:

Opportunities to discover and explore various topics and places around the world from the comfort of the classroom