Young Preschool

The Young Preschool classrooms at Early Discoveries are bursting with opportunities for learning. Children in young preschool (24-36 months) are rapidly expanding their skills in vocabulary acquisition, expressive language, interpersonal communication and self-help tasks.  They are also being introduced to more advanced math, science and social science concepts, preparing them for preschool.  Multi-disciplinary learning centers encourage individual skills and emerging interests in academics, creative expression, and outdoor learning. Our young preschool curriculum fosters each child’s social and academic growth through the following components:

Language Works

  • Talking
  • Questioning
  • Print Concepts
  • Language Extension
  • Vocabulary

Math Counts

  • Counting
  • Sequencing
  • Developing 1:1 Coorespondence
  • Sorting and Grouping
  • Estimation

Science Rocks

  • Examining
  • Comparing
  • Investigation


  • Scribbling
  • Brush Painting
  • Exploring Music and Dance
  • Dramatic Arts

Our World

  • Taking Turns
  • Care and Compassion

Well Aware

  • Movement and Fitness
  • Family Style Dining
  • Preparing and Eating Healthy Foods
  • Independence