Toddlers & Young Preschool

Bright Horizons® toddler program boosts excitement about learning. Here, you’ll find care you
can count on, with industry-leading health and safety policies, Discovery Driven Learning™, and
joyful, kid-friendly spaces that allow young learners to safely test limits and explore.

Individualized Care Focused on the Whole Child

Program highlights include:

  • Support for newfound independence, language, and social skills
  • A focus on individual growth and making choices
  • Learning centers that encourage language and reading, fine
    motor skills, math, art, dramatic play, science, and outdoor
  • A relaxed environment to foster individual development and
    self-help skills
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed
    all state, local, and national guidelines

Early Education that Nurtures Independence

Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum includes seven Signature Practices
to stimulate early learning:

  • Maximizing Prime Times: One-on-one interactions to build relationships
    and important social skills
  • Fostering Language Development: Rich conversations and storytelling
    encourage thinking, speaking, and comprehension
  • Daily Sensory Experiences: Calming hands-on experiences supports
    emotional wellness
  • Small Group Approach: Small groups for individualized attention and
    positive social interactions
  • Building Self-Help Skills: Encouragement to learn daily tasks and routines
    at each child’s own pace
  • Exploring Cause & Effect: Opportunities to learn by asking questions,
    experimenting, finding answers, and testing results
  • Daily Outdoor Experiences: Time to explore new sights, sounds, smells,
    and textures